About us

"WARAKU "is Budo.
The Budo are a curriculum to bring up a person into a Monono-fu and the theories.
The Monono-fu is a person taking responsibility for existing space. If it says by simple words, it is a Samurai.
The Budo are not the martial arts. All of the martial arts that there is in the world is only technology for a person to fight against a person now. The Budo fight against only wicked power. The Budo do not have that they fight against a weak human being eternally.

What is the use of "WARAKU" ?
In 'Waraku' we value various centers of body, heart, family, country, the world, etc. Everything moves smoothly when its movement comes from its center. It is like drawing a circle: unless you know where the center is, you cannot draw a circle. It can be said that 'Waraku' training is to find a center and to utilize it. By finding a center, you can increase the healing capacity of your body and restore your mental balance.

We believe that to make the effort to attain good mental and physical balance everyday is the key to having a healthy and peaceful life.

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